Monday, 29 November 2010

Islamic Community In Aberdeen

Now UKIP although against the insane mass immigration that's taking part in our country, and the knock on effects it has does realise that we have had immigrants who have come to our country and added to our society. Professional people who by there expertise, and skills have saved lives created jobs etc. Or who are here through genuine family circumstances, as in falling in love.
We believe that Immigrants who have been allowed to enter our country should abide by our laws, and treat our country with respect. We would hope that British people working abroad would abide by the same moral compass.
 Immigration has far exceeded tipping point and their is frankly too many people living on our Island, but worse than that is we have people living in our country who are here to do more than just work. They are here to set up a country within a country, to further their communities within the host country, because they do not wish to live according to the laws, customs and way of life of the host nations people.
One such group is the Islamic community  who are well on there way to taking over the central areas of our city. if you look here at the New Aberdeen Mosque   site you will see the groups aims is to develop the Muslim community within Aberdeen.
Now the word develop, means growth, and certainly suggests that they are here to expand, and as we see from other towns and cities across Britain what we will end up with is an ever growing Islamic community who are not here to live amongst us, but who are here to take over.
This is the type of Immigration that UKIP is rightly against. Now before the usual rants of racist, etc etc that's normally trolled out against anyone or group who wishes to stick up for our way of life within our country, id like these people to think who is being racist etc etc I would suggest perhaps its these people who come to our country, and then effectively turn there backs on us who are the racists,  unless of course we happen to be able to assist in the development of there community. Normally that consists of liberal types who because of there own self loathing, feel happy to hand over our country, these people serve a purpose for a while at least.

We in UKIP love our country, we expect people who have been lucky enough to have been granted the privilege to live in the UK to love our country as well. if you don't then quite frankly you should not be here. its as simple as that. Another thing that came to our attention is that it would seem the Aberdeen Islamic community seem to take direction from London as in how to DEVELOP their community. I wonder if its from the same people that were recently exposed by the BBC for running what can only be described as hate schools.  Aberdeen if you watched the programme has one of these weekend schools.


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A definite school could be the Islamic Buy SWTOR Credits community who're quite around the tactic to requisitioning your primary areas of your city. in the event you visit here in the Brand new Aberdeen Mosque web site you will notice the specific types aims is usually to create your current Islamic party on the inside Aberdeen.
The saying build, signifies development, and of course implies that they may be down below to be extended, and also there are enterprise cities and towns more than The uk what we should may be in addition to is usually an quickly increasing Islamic district that are not right here to reside in among us, nevertheless who are below to consider over.

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