Saturday, 30 October 2010

Tory Supporter 'I'm Not Thick, Just A Bit Slow!', Labour Suppoter 'I'm just a Labour Supporter!'

Guy Leven-Torres

I am making plans for the Great Collapse that is about to hit us all amidships as the EU collapses under the weight of its own stupidity and arrogance. For once in my life, I will gloat with all my might and such a mighty fall will be worth all the pain in the world. Indeed such pain would be almost pleasurable! We will all feel pain of course but some things are worth suffering for.
The fools and crooks that run it richly deserve what is coming to them. 60 million Moslem migrants supported by billions of Euros that make up almost half of our national welfare bills. We are in deep crisis- a civilisational collapse and complete and utter cretins still reckon it can go on as before in the multicultural Fantasy World. These people are certifiable lunatics. There are also an expected 50 million African migrants on their way too, to take up jobs that don't even exist- all at the invitation of the silly sods that run the EU's employment policy and even established EU employment offices to advise them on welfare payments they can expect and jobs, now sorely needed by Europeans and migrants already here. Our countries are bankrupt and yet like some sick Kafkaesque surrealism, the doctor gives the giant European insect more poison to cure it. The EU wants more money to to fund it, from countries already completely broke and with disastrous unemployment and welfare bills that account for nearly 40% of national expenditure. I also revealed that the EU money that supports the 'Palestinians' pays for jihad. It is my belief that the EU not only knew this but encouraged it, if the transcripts I have read are genuine. I refer you to Bat Ye'or's book 'Eurabia' 2006.
Crazy does not even describe it!
This threat, or rather activity threatens the very survival of European society and I think it is about to blow up in their silly pursed lipped faces. We are in all likelihood on the verge of Civil War too. I have warned where this will lead. Nobody took any notice or called me 'overemotional'. However, supply lines for fuel and food have been thrown into chaos in France in the last few days, and where will all the welfare clients go when the money dries up? And what about the millions of migrants? Where will they get their money?
From you and me of course. Crime is about to shoot through the roof.
I have noticed of late a very marked deterioration in civil 'behaviour' in many English towns. In Over the last week in Staines, and only in fact yesterday, I have seen four daylight muggings in front of hundreds of people. The victims lay sprawled on the ground as passers-by walked past feigning disinterest- one of the muggers shouting at the victim, 'Wot is this all you got you old cow?' In London moped gangs now regularly smash in jewellers shops in Regent's Street and Bond Street. Last week, brave citizens apprehended one of them as the stupid Police stood back for Health and Safety, like they did on 7/7, or watched a man drown near Northampton. A man walks free grinning and boasting to his thuggish 'chav' chums after using a dying man's head like a football.
Civil wars begin like this by the way, not with military uprisings. I am something of an expert on civil wars by the way. A few nasty rogue incidents and the vigilantes fight back, like the people that caught the robber in London last week. Soon as people realise the stupid effete Police have lost control, they start to organise and take the law into their own hands. Old scores are paid and lynch mob mentality kicks in. The 'Do gooders' shout 'Stop or I'll have you arrested'- or 'How racist!', 'How Islamophobic!' Call the Police but they don't hear anymore, they have long gone- they knew this was coming long ago, their warnings like mine simply but most arrogantly dismissed.
Oh shock-horror It wasn't meant to be like this is our Eurabian Socialist Paradise! Yes but that is how Reality mugs the idiots- bureaucratic idiots behind computer screens, who for years lied and plotted, faked statistics and who believed the 'hoi-polloi', thanks to dumber 'educashun' would know their place- and of course there was always 'EuroGendForce' wasn't there to save the day?

No I don't think so- 100,000,000 migrants and benefit reliant 'economically inactive' on the rampage!? Yeah right!
Democracy is always the first victim of crime and public anger. And frankly who can blame people after what has been done to them? Years of lies, arrogance, spin, illegal migration, perversion, abuse, unparalleled corruption financial and moral- more than ten times enough to have caused a civil uprising. My wonderment is that it took so long to happen? The peoples of Europe and especially the UK had every right to rise up years ago after such hideous provocation. The idiots and crooks in charge have only themselves to blame! The sheer bloody arrogance of it all too. Did they really believe that they would get away with handing us over to the most extreme of Islamist sects? And Sharia law, with even UK senior judges and churchmen calling for it. They must take us for complete idiots. Well they are about to find out we are not!

I hate violence believe me but this lot have asked for it! The biggest 'Crime Against Humanity' in history against all of us, Christian, Jewish, Moslem, Hindu, white brown or black! As tempting as it may be to lash out- Don't! All this could have been avoided with a little thought and consideration of others and the consequences if we failed to act.
It may not happen for a few weeks, months even a year or two-but it will.........Regrettably.

The USA is about to collapse as Gerald Cilente of 'Trends' predicted and Russian experts. It simply could not go on! These Middle-Eastern wars maybe about to end too- we cannot afford them.And the troops will be needed here to undo the work of the petulent spoilt children that caused it all! Bloody madness and all so easily avoidable, with a bit of common sense! Socialists and Socialism never listen to history and recent history too from 1992 when the USSR collapsed. Now they have done it again in Europe and the USA!

Start praying!


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

No taxation without representation - Nigel Farage MEP 20th October 2010

Well said Nigel, its good to let the people of Britain know we have one party willing and able to fight for the rights of the British people.

What a fantastic speech.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Why Has The SNP Said Nothing

Time to burst the Fake Nationalist, SNP's Balloon

I must say thanks to the Daily Express for being one of the only papers to publish the article about the corrupts EU's attempts to basically take over ownership of our gas and oil reserves. My comments are in Red the article quotes in Black.

BRITAIN’S vital North Sea oil and gas supplies are to be taken over by Europe under emergency plans.
The transfer of ownership would be enacted under secret powers written into the controversial Lisbon Treaty. It gives Europe the legal power to take over individual states’ supplies to “ensure security of energy supply in the Union”.
So while our pensioners are going to struggle to keep themselves warm this winter due to tax cutbacks and inflated fuel prices you know one of the reasons why. Would it not be nice if we had a government that used our gas supplies to provide affordable heating for the most vulnerable within our society. It seems the EU wont be happy until; Great Britain is stripped of every asset we have. Now being that almost all of our Gas and Oil supplies are in Scottish waters, or is that EU whatever zone they want to call it waters now, you would have thought that the Scottish Nationalist Party (fake nationalists) would have been up in arms, about a size-able chunk of Scottish assets being taken away, but not a peep to be heard anywhere. You see as we in UKIP know the SNP are only interested scurrying around the floor  around the EU's top table like hungry dogs looking for scraps of food  to feed off of.
It seems that Scotland is here to provide  Alex Salmond  a platform to promote his own agenda, because he is not interested in Scotland or our people. he is happy to see our democracy, power, and now our resources handed over to Brussels. I wonder if that will that be his excuse for controlling an inept government at Holyrood (we cant change anything because we have no say) well he would be  right in the fact that being in the EU gives us no say. But because the SNP are 100% pro EU, you wont hear them bemoaning the fact. They would rather try and throw that accusation at Westminster, where at least the Scottish people elect the people in power.
I will leave you with the link to the original article here, but if you are pushed for time, you can read below that at least one party is willing to fight for Britain and Scotland.
Last night, however, there were calls for Britain to stand firm against the seizure of our oil and gas. UKIP leader Nigel Farage said: “Brussels has already stolen our fish. Now they want our oil and gas. These are vital resources to Britain and we demand that the British Government vetoes these proposals. This shows how vital it is that the UK holds a referendum on our future in the European Union.”
Well said Nigel, well said UKIP, you see there is a real party that is there for the people of this country. And that is UKIP.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

So who will you vote for.

As we approach the end of 2010 and head into 2011, it wont be long until the Scottish elections will upon us. I have long suspected that people have been urged to vote for various parties with not much to base their preferences on, other than a pack of lies.
We have the SNP, Labour, Liberals, and even the Conservatives, spouting much the same lies about how they will save the nation, and protect us poor voters. Be it the elderly, workers, unemployed, students, the low paid, etc etc etc, you know what I mean, but the reality is these lying parties, because make no bones about it they are lying to you, don't care about you.
For they all follow pretty much the same agenda, that's destroying our country, an agenda that will see our continual membership of the European Union and all that entails in respect of money wasted, and ludicrous laws that are pushing our country toward destruction.

I will now direct you toward this headline, and a headline that is based on fact, Population to reach 92 Million

Now this is what they reckon the population of our small island will reach by 2108, who are they I hear you ask well the Office for National Statistics, that's who, who if anything in the past actually downsize predictions.

Now let’s go back to the elections and what you may think when the leaflets start dropping through your door, promising for instance, lower unemployment, you may want to ask how they will achieve that when they are going to allow populations numbers to rise by 50%, better services, I wonder how that will be delivered with another 50 % on top of our current population needing that services, lower crime rates, mmmmm when mass immigration is still allowed, we all know the answer to that one,  a greener more sustainable environment, One must wonder how they will achieve that when our countryside is being bulldozed, and we have to import more food because the country simply can’t feed its self, and 50% more of a population brings with it 50% more waste, hardly a green future for our island.

And what of our island, what will Britain 2108 be like will it be a happier, safer place, what will our grandchildren’s future be like.  I know this may come across as perhaps slightly controversial, but I can see a Britain that will long before that time, be steeped in violence, along cultural and religious grounds. I don’t foresee a happy place. Do you.

So come on folks let’s take back control of our country, using sensible policies, that benefit the population of these Islands. Starting at the Scottish elections in May. Believe me this country needs UKIP to have representation at Holyrood, to fight for the Scottish people, and to expose the corrupt decisions that are destroying our nation.

Please read the above link, have a look at the comments section and see what people across the country have to say about the mess our country is already in.

Vote for the only party that will fight for the interests of Scotland and its people.