Monday, 27 September 2010

The End Of The West 2025

Guy Leven-Torres MA(Hons), FSEFA
Principal Archaeologist Society of Experimental Archaeology

Today I write in full academic mode. I make no apologies for displaying my full titles above. These are not an act of elitist snobbery but to show I write from professional authority. No doubt the 'Usual Suspects' will deride with such comments as 'Everybody has a degrees and don't display them to show off!' My reply is- 'Yes everybody has a degree these days indeed but they are worthless, unlike mine that was taken under the old University of London syllabus dating back to before World War 2. My qualifications are well earned and do mean something. They are the result of 47 years of study and more. I still study and read perhaps the equivalent of two books a week. I will do this until I perish and pass onto the great University In The Sky. I just hope they have a decent library.

By my twelfth Birthday I had read Tacitus and my bedtime reading was Plutarch and Cicero. For light entertainment I read Michael Grant and Robert Graves, both great scholars but now derided as 'unacademic' by modern leftists, because just like me they refused to follow the Leftist garbage that passes for scholarship today. In other countries, especially in much of the Arab world, they are still greatly admired and honoured. Islam is not all bad. Unlike most modern scholars these men could write well and did so, not for a narrow arrogant academic cloistered elite, soaked in Marx and world revolutionary cant but for the general public at large, who paid their salaries and whose children like myself they taught and to whom, they passed on their enthusiasm. I humbly follow in their footsteps.

Scholarship is not about politics but the revelation of understanding and Truth, about open debate, not the abuse and shallow relativist political partisanship that passes for 98% of modern study. I also tell you that if one wants to really understand good written history, the material written in the 1950s by Grant and Graves and others like Hugh Scullard and his fellow Professor Freyer, are still far superior to most modern material. There are good authors today but like me write for the wider public- I refer to story writers too- people like Tom Holland, Ben Kane and Harry Sidebottom. The last has realistically recreated the Roman Imperium of 250AD in his series-'Warrior of Rome'. Another great authoress, is Colleen McCullough whose series, 'Makers of Rome', faithfully recreates the years from Marius to Octavian. I have found no error in her recreation of Republican Rome. She also wrote the 'Thorn-birds'.

By 2025, Europe will be an Islamic State........

I base this upon my own studies above and my general gut feeling, is that we have lost already the Great War Of Civilisations, between Islam and what is left of Christianity. I have just read an article by Bat Y'eor, about how the European Union is actually the nascent Euro-Kalifate, of which Turkey will be the sovereign entity. Turkey will be admitted to the 'Union' in about five years at most, probably sooner. With Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain agitating for its entry, even in the face of German resistance but a largely quiescent France who will side with the UK to weaken the Germans, it is a foregone conclusion anyway. Indeed I would go further than the former Egyptian Christian author and state that the entire raison d'etre of the Soviet EU, is actually now nothing more than a program to facilitate the victory of Islam over the West. In 1973, the EU panicked in a grand funk as countries like Holland and Benelux, found themselves without fuel as the oil crisis embargo struck home. Instead of standing firm as we should of done, we capitulated to the Arabs and agreed to take in millions of Moslems as their birthrates soared. Kissinger did the negotiating on behalf of the frightened CM/EC/EU. In return for a safe 'guarantee' of oil and gas we sold our posterity and ourselves to the Islamic world. We bought 40 years of 'peace' with this incredible act of betrayal by selling the souls of our children to Wahabism. I have long known this by the way but was as usual abused and called a 'scaremonger'. Nobody calls me that anymore, unless they are morons or in absolute denial. The figures for the numbers of Moslems in Europe and the daily appeasement of the migrants by our craven elite, shout loud and clear to all those prepared to listen, that I was telling the truth.

Our Moslem population in the UK alone has increased by 200% in just a decade. In 2000 there were 1,600,000 migrants here, now that figure hovers between 3.5 to 5 million. Other countries in Europe, like Benelux and Holland also deny the increased Islamisation of their countries and the numbers and percentages involved. In Holland the authorities claim figures of less than 5%. It is the same in Belgium but a quick trip across the Channel, will tell even the most stupid the reality. Moslems form in fact around 10- 20% of the whole, not just the miniscule numbers prated about by the liars and social engineers, that seek to deny to us and most likely themselves the truth. They can ignore the truth but it will not ignore them. Above I used the term 'moron' not as an insult by the way but in its real sense- an inability to face reality and truth. There are in fact nearly 60,000,000 Moslems in Europe and this is confirmed by my own Islamic sources, whose researches are truthful, unlike are own massaged statistics. If one wants proof of this let me give two examples. My own quotient is to multiply or divide by '3' when dealing with EU and British Government statistics. I actually believe this is what Marx meant by 'Two steps forward, one step back'. The figure '3' seems to appear a lot when dealing with Socialism. Socialism is no different to Communism by the way, or its later hybrid 'Communitarianism'.

We are informed we have 2,800,000 unemployed n the UK. Multiply the figure by '3' and we get 8,500,000 approximately. This was the true figure given by the Guardian of all places. Then take Moslem immigration into the UK- 1,600,000 multiplied by '3' is around 4,500,000. And sure enough my wide travels around the UK do indeed seem to confirm this fact, as do the Moslem leaders and scholars themselves. They do not lie when it comes to extrapolating their own evident presence in terms of bodies on the ground. Apply this multiple to Holland with a recent population figure of 16,700,000 and a supposed figure of 800,000 Moslems and one arrives at the figure of nearly 3,000,000 migrants in fact, or nearly 20% of the population. Are we that stupid to believe the lies put out by the Governments in these countries, when one can see the reality on the street? In many ways I admire the truthfulness of the Moslems here, unlike our own venomous rulers. Lying propaganda is so typical of the Socialist mind, even to themselves. They even pass laws to ensure these lies are true. Look at the attempts by Brown to ensure that 'Gobal Warming' was accepted, or the proposed law by Deputy PM 'Clegg' to pass laws to ensure we gave foreign aid from funds that do not exist. The UK is bankrupt but that tiny problem never stopped the Left. They as always, pass laws to make something into being.

How anybody can now believe, or regard as credible anything that comes from the mouths of these people beggar belief. In many ways we would be better off with the Moslems. They do not pretend we are ignored or inferior- we are in any Moslem Kalifate until we 'revert', unlike the pretence that all are 'equal' in Socialist terms. In the terms of the latter, we white Europeans, are most certainly ignored and inferior, even if the likes of politicians deny it.

Furthermore in an Islamic society, those that do 'revert' can be sure their property is protected, unlike the ridiculous situation in the UK, where Eastern European gangs have moved into occupied houses when English house-owners have gone shopping. The stupid Police and local councils have decided that stealing people's homes and furniture is a 'civil matter', not covered under the 1968 Theft Act. The so called 'right' to squat applies under the 1967 legislation, as does the amended 1994 laws as well, apply to 'clearly unoccupied' property. This implies a substantial period of time must elapse to establish in law, that such premises have been left 'unoccupied'. Simply moving in when an occupier nips out, is simple burglary and theft under the old legislation. The fact it is a house or a car is irrelevant- it is simple robbery and indeed classic burglary and criminal damage. I can now reveal that these 'incidents' are now quite common in fact and organised. The idea is to establish the precedent in English Law, that there is no longer security of tenure, but to be based instead on Marxist 'All property is theft!' We no longer own our homes. The comic of 'Daily Misery And Pseudo Rightist Cant', otherwise known as the Daily Mail, did its Socialist duty and reported the stories. There have in fact been hundreds of such episodes across the country. All this stuff is organised by the way in preparation of the establishment of the 'Socialist Global Paradise'. It will not be 'Socialist' by the way but Moslem.

The Moslems are open about the 'War of Civilisations'. Our 'secular' governing classes deny it is a 'War or Clash' between Islam and Christianity. They are able to say this because they do not believe in God, only Marx. In their opinion Islam is fighting something that no longer exists in the West, namely the Christian God.

Once Turkey enters the EU, the numbers of Moslems will be around 140,000,000 or around 25% of the whole. That is well beyond the figure for effective control of the former EU and its morph into the new Ottoman Empire, so carefully prepared over the years by the Islamists with bridgeheads in Kosovo and in other lands in the Balkans. To our eternal stupidity, our leaders have ably assisted the Wahabists to achieve their goals by fighting unnecessary wars across the globe in Afghanistan and Iraq. Iran is apparently next. At the same time as we waste our young lives in these brutal wars, our effete Islam appeasing elites do their damndest to undermine and sap the morale of the poor sods on the ground, faced daily with suicide bombers and violent rampant mobs. Look at the furore and panic over the burning of the Koran? How on earth can powerful nations armed with the latest in military technology and the power to turn the planet into dust cave into a primitive religion? Yet they have wholesale. Likewise A Moslem Peer, now serving time in HMP is able to have a Dutch politician banned for showing a film about the truth of Islam to a House of Lords private function. 10,000 Moslems did not turn up- 50 actually did. So what gives?

In truth the same historical disease of Socialism that did a deal with Hitler in 1939 in the Ribbenttop-Molotov 'Non Agression' Treaty, that bought time for the Fuhrer to finish off the West, before he attacked the USSR. In short, the Socialists would do a deal with Satan himself if it bought time. The Socialist inability to tell right from wrong, in its desire for global Revolution, drenched in the blood and cant of Marxist-Leninist ideology, blinds it even today to the very real Evil we face from Wahabism. The real enemy of Humanity is not so much Islam, as Communism and its 'weaker' sister 'acceptable' Social democracy. In my own opinion there is no difference. Both are a product of dysfunctional, relativist, materialist atheism and bankrupt ideological hypocrisy and absolutely no match for strident Islam that will turn Europe Moslem by 2030 at the latest. My father told me that Socialism would be the death of the West. He was so right!

Humanity is far more than just a collection of atoms or molecules that accidentally arose from some pea soup mush a billion or so years ago. A human being has a soul and a longing for the Divine of which he is part. Indeed it is his or her most important part. Atheist materialism and its evolutionary relativism, will never be an effective solution to our war with Islam or its eventual almost assured victory. My advice to you all?

Start praying!


Footnote from UKIP Aberdeen. Guy is a UKIP member and a good friend of myself.  He is someone prepared to take the flak that comes hand in hand with telling the truth, and for that we extend our gratitude to him for his fantastic articles, that really does shine a light on what is happening, and more importantly in UKIP Aberdeen's eyes of where we are heading as a country.  Please cut and post the above article and circulate it as far and as wide as possible.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Aberdeen preparing For Mass Immigration

Destroying Our City And Children's Futures.

The Proposed Aberdeen Local Development Plan is to be published this week. You can find the announcement here.  Now looking at what the Local development plan amounts to one thing leaps out and that is housing.  The plan shows where 21,000 new houses can be built  on greenfield sites (what don't we need farm land to grow food) around the city, and also where brownfield sites have been earmarked for, guess what Housing. That's it housing. 21,000 just say three people in a house that's 63,000 people, most of which will no doubt be new arrivals into the city.  I wonder where all the jobs are coming from, I wonder what impact this will have on local services and congestion. I wonder what impact this will have on the city and its people.
The Proposed Plan supports the enhancement of the city centre, in other words the building over of Union Terrace Gardens to facilitate the parking that will be needed for all the extra cars that go hand in hand with the extra housing that they plan to build.
So basically the locals of Aberdeen will loose out, our standard of living will drop, to facilitate the SNP/Liberal/Labour controlled councils warped dreams of a future Aberdeen, that will be unsustainable, and will be broken up along cultural and national groupings. This of course is all part of the European Union agenda, to see mass immigration continue, to such a point that towns, cities and then the countries of member states loose all identity, and national pride. It is the people in a city or country that dictates the culture of a place, change the people you change the culture.
But of course as we watch the destruction of our city we can be happy that certain rich local house builders will be making a fortune off of our children's future.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

And Still We Pay To Have No Control.

These flags and what it represents is costing you and me a fortune.

So here in Aberdeen we are seeing services bludgeoned, schools, sports facilities, and a whole host of other things that used to make Aberdeen a great place to live are being decimated. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself why all this is happening. Well one of the major problems is all the new jobs that have been created over the last few years in the name of diversity and equality.
We in UKIP believe in treating everyone as equals. We all deserve equal rights and the same standards of care and services. We also believe in common sense and respect for our country. If any of us wanted to move to many other countries around the world, we would have to have health insurance, money for a house, a job, as well as no criminal past. And you can be sure that the onus and expense of learning  that countries language would rightly be ours.

But not in Britain, here in Aberdeen free English lessons are given, free interpreters for housing, we have diversity and equality directors and staff, traveller liaison officers, I could go on and on but the list is endless. How many of you know about the £2 million plus a year that's spent on teachers alone to help English As An Alternative Language  children who have recently arrived in this country. The money has to come from somewhere. 
My main point is that all these employees, doing all these jobs that we simply did not need in the 70s and 80s are costing us Millions and are leaving a burden via a  pension legacy that will damage our children's futures. Now that's just in Aberdeen.

Now we also have to start adding the gold plated pensions of people who have nothing to do with our country,people who we never voted for, and by most accounts people who hate Britain and our way of life, because Britain is going to have to pay £340 million a year by 2040, double what it is now to supplement their pensions.  Only a fool would not recognise that these pensions and other rocketing costs of  our EU membership  are going to have a deep negative impact on our standard of living, and childrens future.

You can read the story here

So fellow Aberdonians are we to watch our grass grow longer due to cutbacks, are we to watch our city go downhill, and our roads crumble, or are you going to vote UKIP and get us out of the EU nightmare.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Sick Sick Sick and we pay for it.

I suppose I am an animal lover, not a softie hippie type, but someone who believes that all animals deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Cruelty has no place on this planet in any shape or form. I know most of us eat meat, although after recent revelations about halal meat etc, I am seriously considering turning vegetarian. But even us meat eater like to think that the  animals have lived good lives and have been well looked after, and when they are killed, its done as painlessley and quickly as possible with paramount importance being given to reducing suffering and anxiety as much as possible.
So how do you think I felt this morning when I found out that our Tax money via the  undemocratic European Union is being used to subsidise, barbaric blood festivals in Spain. You van read the article here. But I have taken a few snippets from it to try and spare you having to read the full article which is to any sane person disturbing

Next month, for example, Spain’s fire-bull festivals begin. In these, burning balls of wax and paraffin are attached to a bull’s horns and the terrified animal is chased through the streets. Most survive, but they often suffer horrific injuries. For its part, the European Commission (the executive body of the EU) says it genuinely does not know how much money it is pumping into Spanish blood fiestas......................................

Marcos held aloft the bloodsoaked bull’s ears and bowed deeply to the crowd. Moments earlier he’d sliced them off the young bull, which now lay on one side, blood pooling beneath him...........................................................................................................................................................
But the poor creature wasn’t quite finished yet. In a pitiful act of defiance, he mustered just enough energy to raise his head a few inches off the ground and tried to stare down his attackers.
Marcos responded by unsheathing a vicious looking knife and stabbing him in the back of the neck for a second time. The bull’s head flopped back into the dust — he was finished and Marcos, the amateur matador, yelled in triumph...........................................................................................................................What I saw was a celebration of mob rule, of cruelty, of wickedness, even. As I watched Platanito’s eyes close for the last time, I felt sick to my stomach to know that I had helped pay for his death with my taxes — just as you had too.

So folks your money is paying for this barbarity. You know it's wrong, and the only answer is for us to get out of the European Union, and voting for UKIP is the only answer. Britain has long been regarded as a nation of animal lovers, I think this is due to our natures as people and the fact we think cruelty is wrong. We have moved on over the last few hundred years as a nation, but it seems that we are being forced to pay for and support countries that carry out practices that belong in the Dark Ages.
Sick And Barbaric

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Halal Slaughter

I have just read a truthful article in the Daily Mail which can be found here.   It describes how British people are being force fed Halal slaughtered meat. Not only is that bad enough but it also highlights the growing Islamification of our Nation. How many people in Aberdeen know that popular places like Jimmy Chung's serves Halal chicken, and even many of our so called Indian restaurants are not Indian, but Muslim owned that also sell Halal meat. Add in places like SubWay and various other fast food outlets that regular serve up this barbarically slaughtered meat, it really does show that the British people are being treated with no regard in our own country. My own child goes to school lunches, there are Muslim pupils at the school. Is my child being fed halal meat. I hope not because halal slaughtered meat is against every ethical and moral feeling that I have about animal welfare.
Even a certain sandwich firm is getting in on the market, seemingly finding their way into corner shops all across the city. Sandwiches from the sandwich factory are yet again Muslim owned from Dundee, and of course the meat especially the chicken is Halal.
At which point did it become okay in Britain to totally disregard the feelings of the British people, when did it become okay for a practice that many in this country find disgusting and from a barbaric era to become the norm.

The Islamic take over of our country must stop. What next for our country. When will someone have the guts to stand up and say this is Britain. This is how we do things in our country, if you don't like it please leave.

maybe when you vote for UKIP that's when.

The above video is Barbaric so if you do not have a strong stomach please do not watch. The first killing shows a stunned animal. The others are so barbaric, I am not even going to describe them. But this is what we the British are being fed to appease a minority that will soon become the majority in our country. I am sorry for the video but this is something I feel really strongly about.

Friday, 17 September 2010

An Alarming video every Westerner should see

Anyone (like Barack Obama) entertaining ideas of western democracies establishing friendly relations with the radicals of the Islamic world should watch this video.While watching the inflammatory rhetoric of the speaker, remember that this is not a Jihadists from Iran but a professor from Kuwait - a country with every reason to be grateful to the USA for liberating it from the tyranny of Saddam Husseins invasion

Thursday, 9 September 2010

UKIP Scotland leader Peter Adams tells it like it is

Peter Adams gives a Brill speech that outlines a good chunk of what UKIP Scotland is all about, and some of the policies we will be campaigning on.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

UKIP National Conference

Recently returned from UKIP National Conference in the beautiful seaside town of Torquay, Devon. Very inspiring and informative, glad I went, will post more once I get organised on the content, meantime photo above of Scottish delegates (from left to right, Steve McCance, yours truly, Paul Henke, Christopher Monckton, Ross Durance and Peter Adams).

Monday, 6 September 2010

William Dartmouth talks Turkey

Turkey should never be allowed to join the EU. It would spell the end of the UK and of our childrens future. Please take the time to listen to this fantastic truthful speech by William Dartmouth.

Those Pesky False SNP Nationalists

                                             Salmond, Snug as a bug in a EU rug.Oh and a Liar.

I see the SNP are back in the media spotlight with their buzzword “Referendum” with Salmond saying The Scottish Government is preparing to abandon its flagship policy of holding a referendum on independence before next year’s elections. (link here)
Now I am glad about that because any referendum on independence would be a total farce and insult to all the people of Scotland. As well as being an expensive one costing millions to hold the referendum. Because whilst we are in the EU we will never have any real democracy on this island, be it Westminster or Holyrood that are supposed to be in governance over us. Because with over 80% of our rules, laws and regulations now being made in Brussels by unelected officials true democracy can only be achieved by you the voter voting UKIP and getting us out of the EU.
The many links from this blog will more than adequately highlight the true cost of our membership to the EU, in terms of money, identity and national pride, but putting all of that to the side is the biggest scandal of all, and that is the scandal of the LIES that is been fed to the people of these islands.
The other parties be they false nationalist parties like the SNP, Plaid Cymru, or fake Unionist parties like Labour Conservative’s and Lid Dems all have one thing in common that makes them all the same. And that is the bare faced lies that they believe in democracy and the wishes of the voters, all I will say is where has our vote on the Lisburn treaty gone. They say they will give us democracy when they all believe in the EU and us being governed from Brussels.
In short a vote for anyone other than UKIP is a vote for our nation and its people to have no say, no democracy, and no future as a nation, be it as Scotland or Britain.

Friday, 3 September 2010

UKIP Leadership Election

Nigel Farage
One of the reasons I joined UKIP was the fact its the only party that lets you be yourself and speak your mind. There are no hidden agendas, just a party of people all wanting the same goal, and that is to leave the EU and return real democracy to our country. We want politicians in power who can act upon the wishes and demands of the electorate. Not some puppet of a Parliament that answers to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. I Say Parliament, when in fact the reality is that our county, and local councils are also bound by the many rules and regulations that spews from the mouth of Brussels like a poisonous vomit.
Gerard Batten
So when we have a leadership election in UKIP, all it does is showcase to the party members and a wider audience  that we have capable people at the helm all able and capable of being good party leaders, and more importantly it show cases how able UKIP would be in running this country, and looking after the people of this Island.
What I also like about UKIP is the way the leadership contest will be handled, all above board with candidates show casing what they can do, and give to the party. There will be none of the bitching or backstabbing that we have seen in the Labour Party. None of the behind the doors, sneaky campaigning to win the support of  Communist anti British unions such as Unite and Amicus, who are all part of the current puppet regime designed to Kill Britain off.
Also when the leadership election is done and dusted you will  find all the candidates eager to get back to work to save our country after wishing the new leader all the best. Not skulking off in the huff, like we will see with Labour.

David Campbell Bannerman

Have a look at the candidate  list  below, all good and able people, so good in fact I will find it hard to choose, but I am glad I have that choice, the choice to pick the best out of a good bunch. Imagine being a Labour party member, where your choice is to pick who you find least loathsome, and none of them leaders, just snivelling Euro-puppets.
I am glad I can choose any of the four listed below, and I am glad they are with UKIP, even although it will make choosing a difficult task.


Former UKIP Leader Nigel Farage, Deputy Leader David Campbell Bannerman, London MEP Gerard Batten and leading economist Professor Tim Congdon.

                                                                   Tim Congdon
As I said hard choice all good people. All in the same mould, all with the guts to stand up for this country, all with the guts to stand up to Europe, and all with the guts to speak the truth. But then that's UKIP for you. Why not join the party and help save the nation, and your children's future.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Just a small post, but take it in.

"And I do declare that no foreign prince, person, prelate, state or potentate hath or ought to have any
jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm."
Bill of Rights, 1689 - an important and still exisiting part of OUR written constitution

Climate Change Not Man Made Video 1

The above video is part of the below post that shows that climate change is not man made. But Brussels will tax us, our government will tax us, our local council will tax us. And all on a lie. Vote UKIP end the madness.

Climate Change Is Not Man Made.

The above video (Above this post) is one few showing a scientist on television speaking the truth about climate change. Remember the majority of free thinking scientists also believe that climate change is nothing to do with mans activities on the planet, and that it is just a big hoax to tax people more and more and to control our lives.
The leftie controlled media who subscribe to the man’s at fault theory, have done a good job in blocking out what many real scientists really think, the majority remember. By only allowing a one sided debate. I hope you enjoy this rare video clip, and take on board what's being said.
The much loved David Bellamy lost his job at the BBC because he dared to speak the truth, a further indication of how nasty the Marxist media can be if you do not subscribe to their way of thinking. Just think modern day Britain, banned for speaking the truth and for having freedom of thought. David Bellamy should be allowed back on our television screens, to speak the truth. Or are the British tax payers who pay, what I think is an illegal tax to the BBC, masked as a licence not allowed an impartial broadcasting service. You can be sure that if we had a UKIP government freedom of speech and proper debate and points of view would be allowed to have an equal say.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Evening Express. Going Down The Marxist Route

I used to remember when the Evening Express used to be a good local paper, doing what good local papers should do, and that is print the truth in an unbiased way. So that readers are afforded the opportunity to form their own opinions of what is happening in the world.
But the Evening Express has gone down the route that many local papers have of printing downright lies, hiding the truth or facts, or bending stories and situation to suit left leaning political agendas.

Some of our UKIP members have got good contacts either through work, or from friends and acquaintances. So we kinda know whats really going on and we know when the general public are being led down a garden path.

Now all racism is wrong, there is no need for it and its evil. And yes it should be stamped out as should all forms of criminal activity and bullying. But it should not be used to push a political agenda.

Now unless you have had your head buried in the sand over the last 10 years, You will have noticed that Aberdeen is a changing place, and that mass immigration is being forced upon the people of our fair city. And that will lead to tension. Jobs are becoming harder and harder to find and the pressure on local services and facilities are reaching breaking point. And local people are noticing.
Also gone are the days when immigration into Aberdeen used to consist of genuine students, and law abiding professionals.  What we have now is a free for all, we have criminals moving here, scroungers, and people who are no better skilled than local people, but because they are able to work for cheaper wages are pricing local people out of jobs. And as I said before people ain't to happy about it.

So some of the younger element have been caught saying too much when drunk to takeaway staff, as this story shows, yes its wrong and it should be punished. But perhaps the Evening Express may ask as to why people are getting like this.  But the EE prefers to write a headline article painting locals as yet again violent racist thugs. 
Maybe the Evening Express and Grampian police who are so quick to clamp down on locals will like to answer why the same enthusiasm is not shown when the boot is on the other foot so to speak. How many revellers have been unlucky to have had a hiding from various African and East European bouncers, and how many victims have there been of violent Asian takeaway staff over the last few months. We know that there has been a good few and so do the police, so where is the Evening Express story telling locals to beware on nights out. If this story is anything to go by, you will get my point. Nice people I am sure you will agree. Why anyone would want to eat at the Cinnamon restaurant is beyond me. As it seems to be a breeding ground for drunk racists.

My point being that the Evening Express should publish the truth not jump and down on the politically correct anti British bandwagon. They should publish the truth. Which leads me to this.

Aberdeen woman sexually assaulted after night out  Link

AN ABERDEEN woman was subjected to a terrifying sex attack at a block of flats after a night out, now the online version here does not give the full paper version but needless to say the Evening Express makes a point of not mentioning if the attacker was White, Black, Asian, or if they had a Foreign or local accent. Something that we know from experience points to the attacker being of a foreign description. Something that we have already had corroborated by our sources.  So come on EE, falling over yourselves if the perpetrators shout abuse and are white, but covering the truth if the attacker is foreign.

All we ask is the truth and unbiased reporting.