Sunday, 28 November 2010

British National Party Scotland = Pathetic

Gary Raikes BNP Scotland Crank Leader. In his neo fascist pose. Nice touch Mr Raikes. Sure the public will lap up the Mussolini pose.

UKIP Scotland and indeed UK wide, don’t normally respond to any statements from the BNP, especially Scotland BNP. But we feel we must respond to the latest post on the very amateur BNP Scotland website, so that members of the public don’t get duped into voting for a party that is run by incompetent idiots, who pray at the altar of one fascist Nicholas Griffin.

UKIP are a wholly democratic party, where any elections for leadership are run on a fair democratic matter, and it’s this and another point only that I will use to respond to the utter tripe that is supposed to pass as political debate/information on the BNP Scotland Website.
The BNP earlier this year tried to run a leadership election, and from what I can gather from sources, they were unable to run a fair democratic, open election. How the hell can a so called party be expected to run a country when they can’t even run an election fairly.
And it’s the running the country point that I would like members of the public to focus on. UKIP have a full shadow cabinet ready to take power when we are elected.
We have policies that cover all areas of governance, and a full shadow cabinet, full of able professional people who really do know their areas of expertise. 
Also UKIP have 12 MEP's compared to the BNPs two, now this is nothing to boast about, but what we can boast about is having 12 professional people who really do fight for Britain and the British people. You can look at the links here and see for yourself how hard our MEP's work for you.

I could continue, but I refuse to go down the quite frankly childish route of, what can only be described as name calling by the BNP leader, one Gary Raikes. No wonder other parties deny the BNP the platform to debate, when all they have to offer is childish rhetoric, served up by cranks. I am sure the public will judge BNP Scotland’s leader on what he has to offer the country which will be nothing.

I urge you to have a look at both parties, as we don’t need to name call, we believe the public will judge us by our policies, our professionalism (Not me as I am just an amateur blog writer, but our MEP's and policy spokes people) and our ability to run the country when we get into power.

We will leave you the public, to judge who is who, and more importantly who is the real political party.
We would not normally post links to rivals websites, but UKIP do have a sense of humour, so in good humour we will as a one off post a link to BNP Scotland. We do advise taping up your sides first to avoid splitting by laughter.
Then after your tears of laughter have dried up and you want some serious politics pop over to the UKIP site.

BNP Scotland    (Warning your sides may split with laughter)

UKIP                ( Serious political party )


Anonymous said...

If I'm feeling a bit low I do the round on BNP websites just to cheer myself up.

For illiteracy, lying, simple mindedness, self-delusion and downright lunacy there's nowhere better than a BNP blog.

You always know there's someone worse off than you are when you've read them, and that makes you feel a whole lot better.

Anonymous said...

Must agree other anon, I almost feel sorry for them, crooks and cranks should receive help I guess. To let them near politics is akin to letting a small child play with electrical sockets. Simply should not happen.
We see they have announced a new candidate for the Highland region, who happens to be the partner of one of the Aberdeen members.
They have got so few members they have to elbow partners into standing.
Thing is at least they will have more bottle to be street active than the Scottish leader, who will hide in Turriff . Like the others who went before them they will realise Raikes is a low life of a man, unfit to lead any party, even one controlled by a despot like Griffin.
I just hope that Lynda Davies does not get into any bother whilst out doing work Raikes does not have the bottle to do, because she will find out he offers no support. At least they can carry out Raikes work in the knowledge, they are better than him, which will undoubtedly lead them to think why we are doing this when he won’t do it himself. Then the penny will drop, and they will know that the leadership of BNP Scotland, and the BNP are corrupt and unfit for any semblance of political power. Walt Disney would be jealous at the amount of comic characters in the BNP. THEY ARE A JOKE, especially in Scotland.

Pps I don’t know why he is picking on you UKIP people, as he is too scared to pick on the NF now, send him an e-mail you will see how pathetic he is. Boo Hoo Barry they send me mail I don’t like Boo Hoo.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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seo said...

certainly are a totally democratic celebration, where just about any elections with regard to authority
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are run on a reasonable democratic matter, along with it's this particular and the other point that Let me employ to answer the particular utter tripe that is certainly designed to complete because political debate/information around the BNP Scotland Site.
The particular BNP captured experimented with run a management election Sell WOW Gold, as well as through some tips i can easily collect from options, we were holding unable to operate a honest democratic, open selection. How the hell could a new so called social gathering be anticipated to operate a rustic whenever they can't also seo manage a great selection rather.
As well as it's the particular working the continent stage that I would really like people to concentrate on. UKIP have a total darkness display case prepared to get power when we're elected.
We have guidelines for every area regarding government, and a entire darkness case, packed with able skilled those who really do recognize their own areas of expertise.
In addition UKIP get A dozen MEP's when compared to the BNPs a couple of, now this is certainly not for you to feature about, however might know about can offer concerning is Twelve expert people who go about doing fight regarding The uk as well as the Uk men and women. You can look at backlinks right here and discover yourself how hard our MEP's work for you.

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