Friday, 7 January 2011

Happy New Year

Sorry for the delay in wishing all our readers a Happy New Year, and prosperous 2011. very un-Scotsman of me to take so long. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break, because that's what it was, not Winter festival as Aberdeen council like to call it. I suppose its just another example of the continuous destruction of our country that's currently happening, under the control of the old parties. But this year their is hope in the form of the Scottish Parliament and local elections.
People will be able to halt the destruction of our nation by voting for UKIP in May.
As the tax rises hit home, along with a drop in services, and quality of life, it is worth remembering some of the points that show why we are in such a mess.

1, Greedy bankers and multi national companies
2, The Millions we pay the EU every DAY.
3, Treacherous, sell out politicians who do not care about our country.
4, Political correctness, that sees criminals given more rights that law abiding people
5, Mass immigration and a benefits system that pays for anyone who reaches our shores.
6, Benefits system that traps people, in a circle of unemployment.
7, Illegal war in Afghanistan that's seeing more and more of our heroes returned home in boxes, as well as costing us the British tax payers Billions.
8, Soft on crime sentences, that are a mockery and insult to those that have been victims of crime
9, A loss of common sense, where by even the simplest decisions seems beyond that of so called leading lights.


And it is that I wish people to remember, as we need a party in power that will spill the beans on the EU, and let the public know what effects the ludicrous decisions made in Brussels has on our life.

That is why I will ask you all to pick up a copy of the Daily Express, which is free this Saturday, because it is running  a massive get us out of Europe campaign. finally one newspaper has taken the step to publish the truth. if you read it you will see how we have been betrayed, and you will find out where all our tax money is going. if you want our children to have a future please read the Daily Express and vote UKIP.

This blog will be updated on a more regular basis, as we gear up for the elections...

The full get us out of Euro campaign can be found here.

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