Wednesday, 25 August 2010

No mosque at Ground Zero

British Cancer Patients Come Last

Most people have been touched by the devastating effect of cancer, this horrible disease that robs so many people of their lives at an early age, is one that I would like to see conquered by the medical profession. The devastation cancer causes to families, is something I will never have the ability to fully describe in words.
But I know from personal experience, that every extra day that can be given to a sufferer and their family is priceless. And everything must be done to give as long a life as possible.
Avastin is a drug that gives bowel cancer sufferers more quality time, although it's expensive, it's a drug that should be made available to all who needs it. I think the price of the drug could be brought down as with many other drugs, that the NHS seems to get charged a fortune for.
I don't know why the government has not called for a total revue, into the manufacture, supply and cost of these drugs before now, but it needs to be done so that tax payers get value for money and patients get the care and drugs they deserve.
UKIP would call for a total revue of all drug supplies to the NHS.
The other side of this of course, is the fact the NHS is now more like the world health service, with anyone from abroad able to come to this country and get free health care. No need for insurance here in the UK, even although we need to pay for insurance if we travel abroad. No just turn up and get treated.
This has seen a massive rise in whats called health tourism, where people come to the UK to get treated or give birth. If they manage to pop a child out whilst here, hey presto under absurd EU human rights laws, the kid gets classed as British and they get to stay here. But I digress, what I am trying to say is that its costing the NHS millions a year, and it's all coming out the same pot of money. The knock on effect is simply the level of care, or should that be the price of care afforded to each patient has to come down, because simply the pot of money has to treat more people. This simply has to stop. No Insurance, no treatment. Soft touch Britain has to stop.
Also British patients are being forced to die early, whilst our government still sees fit to pour £9 Billion a year disguised as foreign aid, into the bank accounts of despot governments, or into countries that simply hate us, and our way of life. This has to stop, and other countries around the world really must start taking responsibility for their own affairs. I have nothing against us and would actively encourage Britain exporting expertise, and help on a more logistics based agenda to countries that genuinely want to improve the lives of their people. But pouring money hand over foot into these countries has to stop, whilst the people who provide that money via taxes are left to die early. Its time for a government that puts British people first.
I wont go into what we could do, with the £40 Million a DAY, yes a DAY that we give to the EU, for our ticket into the club of corrupt lying thieves, but £40 Million a day would go an awful long way to providing the care and drugs that British tax payers should get from the NHS as well as a whole host of other problems our country faces.

Article here.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Saving a theatre, saving a nation

Red Shoes Theatre In Elgin
Now UKIP believe that our history, culture and buildings are something that should be cherished at all costs. They should not be discarded easily, on a whim or for profit. Its our buildings that give our cities, towns and villages their unique identities. What would it be like if every building or landmark of cultural importance were to be bulldozed and lost forever, for yet another cheap block of flats.
That's why we support Elgin City North Councillor Barry Jarvis in his quest to save the Red Shoes theatre in Elgin. I am not the biggest theatre attender, and must admit that I usually only go to the Theatre at Xmas with the children. But the excitement and memories that is produced from our yearly foray to the theatre really is something special. That's why I fully support the campaign that's starting to keep this wonderful local facility open.
UKIP normally are opposed to most of Labours, anti British, nation destroying policies, but where we differ from other party's is that we will support anyone who is working for the common good and benefit of the local community, that's why we give our local councillors the freedom to vote as their conscience guides them. For we really do believe in putting local people first.
The article to save the theatre is here, I only hope that the good people of Elgin rally behind Caller Jarvis and keep this unique building open, and we hope that the people fighting to keep it open try and keep it as a fully functioning theatre, as well as a rehearsal studio. Surely they can do both.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Welcome to UKIP Aberdeen

With the opening of the new UKIP branch in Aberdeen, it is only correct that we have started a blog where we can report on local branch activities, and to provide a window of sanity in the current mad world of politics, where our own politicians have little or no power due to the European Union strangling our nation.

Unelected politicians in Brussels now have control over almost every vestige of British life. A situation that's destroying our country and way of life. The bureaucracy and interfering from Brussels has an effect on every persons life. And as you will find out here, more often than not that effect is a negative one.

Be it mass immigration, crime, taxes, jobs, housing, businesses, employment, and down right common sense you can bet your bottom dollar that our membership of the EU is having a negative effect here in Britain. And that's before we mention the £40 million plus a day its costing us, the British tax payer for the privilege of being ruled from abroad.

With all the negativity that now surrounds politics, its time the public, had honest, hard working politicians that put local people first, with positive policies designed to improve every law abiding citizens life. And its time people had the choice to vote for politicians who had the backbone to put over common sense policies regardless of the politically correct dogma, that now sees criminals with more rights than victims.

In Short, its time Aberdeen had UKIP. Before our incompetent councillors and local MPs of various hues (Scottish, European, Westminster), destroy all that was good about our fair city and the North East of Scotland.

The people of Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland really do have a voice now, and that voice is UKIP.

Thanks for dropping in past. We would love to see you along at one of our branch meetings.

If you need any information on the United Kingdom Independence Party, please get in contact with us.

Yours sincerely UKIP Aberdeen