Saturday 29 January 2011

Well Done UKIP Glasgow.

Ramsay Urquhart and
Mark Bekusch
 Many people said it could not be done, that it was the wrong time and place to campaign, however two members of YI and the Glasgow Branch took to the streets in Glasgow and staked UKIP's claim that it was here in Glasgow and here to stay.
The current secretary of the branch Mark Bekusch and ex Secretary Ramsay Urquhart decided that it would be important to let the Glasgow public know that UKIP is a serious political force in order to launch the campaign, in an opening salvo, in one of the busiest streets in Glasgow's Argyle St.
Accompanied by Alan Craig from an anti EU pressure group & armed with leaflets, banners, The Daily Express supplement and a petition, the members set up a stand in Argyle St, Glasgow
The table stand was very well received by those members of the public who are currently aware of the destructive nature of our ongoing EU Membership, they were especially indignant that this was forced upon them without any recourse to a referendum.
Other uninformed members of the public, who were reticent at first, became engaged and animated when it was explained what membership of the EU actually meant. They could not sign the petition asking for a referendum soon enough.
YI Scotland rep Ramsay Urquhart says "It is important that the public gets involved in democracy as people are fighting against oligarchy and autocracy in Egypt while we in Britain, although not as bad, are continually denied our right to decide wether we should be in or out of Europe."
The worries explained to the Branch members included Immigration; causing job losses, Great Britain's overstretched public services and the divisive nature of our countries multicultural policies. Other members were dismayed that while the government cuts defence, welfare, education among other budgets yet increases; foreign aid, payments to foreign banks, failing EU states and the Euro.
The public assumed because of the "Get Britain out" Daily express Union Jack posters displayed on the stand that it may have been BNP. When they found out it was UKIP they could not have been nicer. This was an important display that it was time all Britons took back ownership of the national flag, the union jack,back from extremists.
UKIP Glasgow proudly displayed the flag and it was also important that both members taking part were also Young Independence members under 35.
UKIP Glasgow Branch secretary and Community Councillor Mark Bekusch says "with the momentum building, the branch becoming more decisive and press and public opinion behind us, the time to start is now. Scotland needs patriotic representation, Scotland needs the UK Independence Party. With our Glasgow branch members support, 2011 may just be our breakthrough year."
With 4 pages of Signatories the petition was also a success.
UKIP Scotland says Glasgow will be a tough nut to crack but if the momentum continues, Glasgow may yet turn from Red to Magenta in May.

UKIP Aberdeen would like to say well done to Glasgow UKIP for leading the way.  We have slowly been building up our presence in Aberdeen and are due to hit the streets soon. Their is finally hope for the people of Scotland.
Mark Bekusch

Wednesday 12 January 2011

Next Meeting 18th Jan 2011 19.00 hrs

The next UKIP Branch meeting will be held at 1900 hrs on Tues 18th Jan 2011. As usual if you want to pop along please contact any of our Aberdeen members. Or better still contact  Andrew Lovie, Branch Secretary on  01224 583014. Our group in Aberdeen is growing and this will be a big year for us where we hope to establish UKIP as one of the main parties in Aberdeen and the whole of Scotland.

Even if you are not sure about UKIP, please feel free to come along and ask questions as to where we stand as a party. We don't bite and welcome views and opinions from people who may not  normally vote UKIP.  Perhaps we can convince you that UKIP, is the party that will best look after the interests of the British people and our country.

Friday 7 January 2011

Happy New Year

Sorry for the delay in wishing all our readers a Happy New Year, and prosperous 2011. very un-Scotsman of me to take so long. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break, because that's what it was, not Winter festival as Aberdeen council like to call it. I suppose its just another example of the continuous destruction of our country that's currently happening, under the control of the old parties. But this year their is hope in the form of the Scottish Parliament and local elections.
People will be able to halt the destruction of our nation by voting for UKIP in May.
As the tax rises hit home, along with a drop in services, and quality of life, it is worth remembering some of the points that show why we are in such a mess.

1, Greedy bankers and multi national companies
2, The Millions we pay the EU every DAY.
3, Treacherous, sell out politicians who do not care about our country.
4, Political correctness, that sees criminals given more rights that law abiding people
5, Mass immigration and a benefits system that pays for anyone who reaches our shores.
6, Benefits system that traps people, in a circle of unemployment.
7, Illegal war in Afghanistan that's seeing more and more of our heroes returned home in boxes, as well as costing us the British tax payers Billions.
8, Soft on crime sentences, that are a mockery and insult to those that have been victims of crime
9, A loss of common sense, where by even the simplest decisions seems beyond that of so called leading lights.


And it is that I wish people to remember, as we need a party in power that will spill the beans on the EU, and let the public know what effects the ludicrous decisions made in Brussels has on our life.

That is why I will ask you all to pick up a copy of the Daily Express, which is free this Saturday, because it is running  a massive get us out of Europe campaign. finally one newspaper has taken the step to publish the truth. if you read it you will see how we have been betrayed, and you will find out where all our tax money is going. if you want our children to have a future please read the Daily Express and vote UKIP.

This blog will be updated on a more regular basis, as we gear up for the elections...

The full get us out of Euro campaign can be found here.

Thursday 2 December 2010

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage on FOX NEWS USA - December 2010

UKIP unlike the BNP have a leader that the world wants to listen to. Because he is someone who talks sense, he has stature, and for one thing he would not rob his party. We hear that the so called leader of the BNP in Scotland was critical of our UKIP Scotland blog. Well why should we cover up the work of our MEPs and leader, who do a fantastic job bringing the truth to the British people. Our parties goals are not driven by hate, like the BNP are, they are driven by common sense. This is why Mr Farage is welcome on TV across the world. Getting that message out. Mr Raikes please be content with your little blog, that serves no purpose other than your own ego, because thats all you will have in the build up to the Scottish elections.

UKIP are on the rise, and as this video above will show, we really are the only party able to give the British and Scottish people what they want.

Tuesday 30 November 2010

Torry Battery

UKIP like to support the local council when they are actively involved in something that will benefit the public. Its a shame the council cant act in the same manner when dealing with other plans. Like the plans to destroy Union Terrace gardens, against the public wishes. Not only is this undemocratic its a disgrace. But we will leave UTG to another day. But if Mr Wood wants to write off his £50 million worth of taxes, how about him going to the meeting below, and offering to build, something like a sea life centre at the Torry Battery, that would provide jobs, provide a tourist attraction, and would preserve the Torry Battery, as well as rejuvenating the area. Win Win Win if you ask me. I am sure the public would have other excellent ideas. But praise where praise is due, it seems the council are going about this in the correct manner.

The details of the public meeting are below. We urge you all to go along with your children and learn a little about this historic site, and help contribute to its protection and improvement.

A special event looking at the past, present and future of Torry Battery is being held on 04 December.

The day will run from 10.30am to 2pm in the lecture hall of the Marine Scotland Laboratory on Victoria Road.

The day will run in two parts -
10.30 am – 12.30 pm - A presentation by Aberdeen City Council historian Chris Croly, on the history of the Torry Point Battery, which will be followed by the chance to hear how you can get involved in a new project to conserve the historic site.

12.45pm - 2 pm - A unique opportunity to find out more about the marine lab, including the chance to have a guided tour around the facilities

Torry Point Battery has proudly stood guard at the entrance to Aberdeen harbour since 1860.

Its long and varied history has seen it be home to volunteer soldiers, regular army, homeless families and migratory birds.

The battery has experienced the highs and lows of the history of the 20th century along with Aberdeen and remains a prominent landmark at the top of the city's beautiful and rugged coastal path.

Torry Point Battery has been staffed by army regiments from across the United Kingdom and played a significant role in the defence of Aberdeen during the Second World War when it saw action during many of the German bombing raids on the city.

During the 1930s and late 1940s it was also home for many people when there was an acute housing crisis in Aberdeen and families lived within the Battery's stone walls.

Chris Croly said: "This should be a really interesting day, people can hear about the latest research into the battery's history and find out about our plans to conserve this greatly loved monument and how they can be involved.

"We are also really pleased to be able to reprint the leaflet which examines the battery's history."

The leaflet will be available free of charge in various city centre venues, including all art galleries and museums, libraries, The Point and the Tourist Information Centre

Monday 29 November 2010

Islamic Community In Aberdeen

Now UKIP although against the insane mass immigration that's taking part in our country, and the knock on effects it has does realise that we have had immigrants who have come to our country and added to our society. Professional people who by there expertise, and skills have saved lives created jobs etc. Or who are here through genuine family circumstances, as in falling in love.
We believe that Immigrants who have been allowed to enter our country should abide by our laws, and treat our country with respect. We would hope that British people working abroad would abide by the same moral compass.
 Immigration has far exceeded tipping point and their is frankly too many people living on our Island, but worse than that is we have people living in our country who are here to do more than just work. They are here to set up a country within a country, to further their communities within the host country, because they do not wish to live according to the laws, customs and way of life of the host nations people.
One such group is the Islamic community  who are well on there way to taking over the central areas of our city. if you look here at the New Aberdeen Mosque   site you will see the groups aims is to develop the Muslim community within Aberdeen.
Now the word develop, means growth, and certainly suggests that they are here to expand, and as we see from other towns and cities across Britain what we will end up with is an ever growing Islamic community who are not here to live amongst us, but who are here to take over.
This is the type of Immigration that UKIP is rightly against. Now before the usual rants of racist, etc etc that's normally trolled out against anyone or group who wishes to stick up for our way of life within our country, id like these people to think who is being racist etc etc I would suggest perhaps its these people who come to our country, and then effectively turn there backs on us who are the racists,  unless of course we happen to be able to assist in the development of there community. Normally that consists of liberal types who because of there own self loathing, feel happy to hand over our country, these people serve a purpose for a while at least.

We in UKIP love our country, we expect people who have been lucky enough to have been granted the privilege to live in the UK to love our country as well. if you don't then quite frankly you should not be here. its as simple as that. Another thing that came to our attention is that it would seem the Aberdeen Islamic community seem to take direction from London as in how to DEVELOP their community. I wonder if its from the same people that were recently exposed by the BBC for running what can only be described as hate schools.  Aberdeen if you watched the programme has one of these weekend schools.

Sunday 28 November 2010

British National Party Scotland = Pathetic

Gary Raikes BNP Scotland Crank Leader. In his neo fascist pose. Nice touch Mr Raikes. Sure the public will lap up the Mussolini pose.

UKIP Scotland and indeed UK wide, don’t normally respond to any statements from the BNP, especially Scotland BNP. But we feel we must respond to the latest post on the very amateur BNP Scotland website, so that members of the public don’t get duped into voting for a party that is run by incompetent idiots, who pray at the altar of one fascist Nicholas Griffin.

UKIP are a wholly democratic party, where any elections for leadership are run on a fair democratic matter, and it’s this and another point only that I will use to respond to the utter tripe that is supposed to pass as political debate/information on the BNP Scotland Website.
The BNP earlier this year tried to run a leadership election, and from what I can gather from sources, they were unable to run a fair democratic, open election. How the hell can a so called party be expected to run a country when they can’t even run an election fairly.
And it’s the running the country point that I would like members of the public to focus on. UKIP have a full shadow cabinet ready to take power when we are elected.
We have policies that cover all areas of governance, and a full shadow cabinet, full of able professional people who really do know their areas of expertise. 
Also UKIP have 12 MEP's compared to the BNPs two, now this is nothing to boast about, but what we can boast about is having 12 professional people who really do fight for Britain and the British people. You can look at the links here and see for yourself how hard our MEP's work for you.

I could continue, but I refuse to go down the quite frankly childish route of, what can only be described as name calling by the BNP leader, one Gary Raikes. No wonder other parties deny the BNP the platform to debate, when all they have to offer is childish rhetoric, served up by cranks. I am sure the public will judge BNP Scotland’s leader on what he has to offer the country which will be nothing.

I urge you to have a look at both parties, as we don’t need to name call, we believe the public will judge us by our policies, our professionalism (Not me as I am just an amateur blog writer, but our MEP's and policy spokes people) and our ability to run the country when we get into power.

We will leave you the public, to judge who is who, and more importantly who is the real political party.
We would not normally post links to rivals websites, but UKIP do have a sense of humour, so in good humour we will as a one off post a link to BNP Scotland. We do advise taping up your sides first to avoid splitting by laughter.
Then after your tears of laughter have dried up and you want some serious politics pop over to the UKIP site.

BNP Scotland    (Warning your sides may split with laughter)

UKIP                ( Serious political party )